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      Thanks Jim 🙂 the foundation licence is a beginners entry licence it has a few restrictions and once that is passed i can move on to the full licence that 1 is a little more involved but ive been playing around with radio equipment since the 80s so the 1st part should be easy enough a lot of it is common sense …

      your project sounds interesting like to hear more via pm ect once i am able to book test after lock-down ill try give you a shout..

      73s Jason


        Greetings to all!

        My name is Errol. Just purchased an SDRdx and am using the SDRUno software. Location USA Arizona.
        I am new to this technology. I have questions so I will try posting elsewhere on this forum for that.

        So salutations to all and I hope this new forum website becomes popular.

        So long for now!


          Paul VK3DBP in Melbourne, Australia

          Hi, everyone. I am interested in all aspects of amateur radio via SDRPlay and SDR UNO.


            Steve from Derbyshire uk. I bought an Sdrplay rsp1a just over a year ago. I think it’s a great sdr receiver for the price. I use my rsp1a for listening to shortwave broadcasts, amateur radio, aircraft, and decoding drm digital radio stations on shortwave bands. I also use sdr uno for decoding dmr digital, Wefax, morse code and tetra etc. There is much you can do with your rsp1a it’s a great piece of kit.



              My license is GW4RER but just listening at this time.

              SDR has brought back into the hobby. I have an RSP1A and a G5RV as well as a discone for higher frequencies. Very impressed with SDRplay, the products and, most of all, the online videos and support.

              Best wishes,

              Llantwit Major, South Wales

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                Hello All, My name is Wayne, WD6AHX, in Ardmore Oklahoma. Just purchased an RSPdx from HRO. I have had an Icom R7000 rcvr for 20+ years that ceased to work earlier this year, so I thought I would join the 21st century and go with the SDR. VERY Happy so far, and that is with only a 6′ telescoping dipole here in my office so far.
                Extremely surprised by the sensitivity considering the far-from-optimal antenna. I look forward to further developments in this arena.

                73 WD6AHX Wayne


                  Hello – My name is Philip. Thanks for the forum. I’m located in Brighton and Hove on the south coast of the UK. I’m anticipating using the newly acquired RSP1A to accompany my Amateur Radio activity (hence the selected username G4KIL). I have it running fine on the home MSWindows 10 computer, but this is in a flat and antenna options are very limited. I mostly operate “portable” and was hoping to use the SDRPlay with a Chromebook, but it seems the Android app will not work with this 🙁 I probably post a separate thread in this regard.



                    My name is Carlos, and from Atlanta, Ga area. I’m an Extra Class Ham Operator, and interested in the SDR radios.



                      Name is Jack & I just discovered the concept of SDR. This is just in time for the next sunspot max in July 2025. I had a lot of fun in the last cycle & got a real kick out of picking up E & F layer skip like taxi dispatchers in Rio, Japanese hams calling CQ on 29.60 two hours after local dark, Ft Hood Range Control & tank training maneuver comms. missile launch comms at White Sands. I lived on a mountain then & had an OE-254/GRC bicone antenna mounted on my deck. I’ve relocated to a nice, high place in PA but the wife says no to putting up outdoor antennas. My office & computer are in my basement so I’ve been considering putting a wideband coax loop antenna above my drop ceiling. I have all the patents on this type of antenna as well as 90+ feet of low-loss coax but that will be a long term project. Today I bought an SDRplay RSP2 DX & to start an MFJ-1022 active antenna from HRO in DE. Nice guys, they understand this gear & can guide a newbie.

                      My house is 1970s wood construction so I hope my basement horizontal ceiling antenna works out. The DX I’m interested in comes down at a high angle & I believe polarization modes are affected by the ionosphere.

                      I like owning & operating state-of-art-nearly receivers. I’ve had an R-390A & two ICOM R-7000s. This SDR has all the things I’ll need to get set up & hopefully enjoy getting back into the SWL hobby.


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                          Hi All,
                          My name is Martin located Somerset UK.
                          Equipment RSPdx.


                            Hello Folks;
                            This is Alan from Denver, Colorado, USA, aka KE5JL.

                            Trying – without much hope – to run my RSPduo by command line on a Raspberry Pi.
                            Remember the old saying – “trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?

                            Thank you all for putting up with my endless begging…


                              Nice to ssee this for more live news for you



                                This ist Ralf from Germany.

                                I got my RSPduo today. After playing around with RTL-SDR i wanted to receive low-band by myself, not over Web-SDR.

                                So i played around with the Duo, just connected a pure Wire to the Lo-Z Input, just to see whats happend. I have older Radios too (even Tubes!), which have a great sensibility.
                                So i just smashed 2,5m Wire to the Ceiling. And just received my first Weather Fax directly. I’m at a REALLY bad area today, the House is in the middle of hills.
                                Weather Fax comes from Pinneberg (DWD), 400km direction North, where there is a 200m hill direct in front of the house.
                                What should i say….tuned in to 3885MHz and got this Fax. VERY nice! looking forward, what is possible with right antennas at the right spot…..


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                                  G’day from Western Australia, just in the learning stage with my RSP1A, waiting on a 9.1 Balun and my wire that I’m going to use for my longwire antenna. But the first and most pressing issue I have is the amount of interference I’m getting from what appears to be predominantly from my power supply to my laptop. I used to do a heap of short wave radio listening back in the 90s using an old Kenwood R2000. Hoping I can get around my current issues to listen to it all again.


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