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    Thanks Jim 🙂 the foundation licence is a beginners entry licence it has a few restrictions and once that is passed i can move on to the full licence that 1 is a little more involved but ive been playing around with radio equipment since the 80s so the 1st part should be easy enough a lot of it is common sense …

    your project sounds interesting like to hear more via pm ect once i am able to book test after lock-down ill try give you a shout..

    73s Jason


    Greetings to all!

    My name is Errol. Just purchased an SDRdx and am using the SDRUno software. Location USA Arizona.
    I am new to this technology. I have questions so I will try posting elsewhere on this forum for that.

    So salutations to all and I hope this new forum website becomes popular.

    So long for now!


    Paul VK3DBP in Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, everyone. I am interested in all aspects of amateur radio via SDRPlay and SDR UNO.


    Steve from Derbyshire uk. I bought an Sdrplay rsp1a just over a year ago. I think it’s a great sdr receiver for the price. I use my rsp1a for listening to shortwave broadcasts, amateur radio, aircraft, and decoding drm digital radio stations on shortwave bands. I also use sdr uno for decoding dmr digital, Wefax, morse code and tetra etc. There is much you can do with your rsp1a it’s a great piece of kit.


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Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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