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      Greetings all,

      I’m from Tennessee U.S.A., a retired air traffic controller and ham for 40+ years.  I love my RSP2 and RSP Duo.  I use the Duo for ADS-B and air traffic, and the 2 for everything else. I am very happy to find this forum as I will not use Facebook. Thank you Paul for starting it and Jon for supporting it.



        Hi, Andy from West Yorkshire UK. Just got an Duo today and i’m already getting the hang of things.


          First licensed as a ham in 1971. Station is IC 7300 which is SDR, FT 897D and FT817ND. Various dipoles, bogs and a 43′ Vertical. Also an amplified loop that I’m experimenting with. I live off grid in the woods and everything is PV/ battery powered. Just ordered an RSPdx today but will keep my RSP2. I use SDRUNO exclusively, it is complicated but worth the effort. Very happy to see a forum for this stuff again. No TV, No Social Media, spend my time and money on RADIO Thanks, doug


            Hello. My name is Richard, G4JJP, based in South West UK. Great products!!


              I´m from Portugal
              HI. I´m here to learn
              Many thanks, 73


                Hello everyone,

                This is Steve from Derbyshire uk. I bought an Sdrplay rsp1a just over a year ago. I think it’s a great sdr receiver for the price. I use my rsp1a for listening to shortwave broadcasts, amateur radio, aircraft, and decoding drm digital radio stations on shortwave bands. I also use sdr uno for decoding dmr digital, Wefax, morse code and tetra etc. There is much you can do with your rsp1a it’s a great piece of kit.

                73s M3SNU


                  Greetings from SETX.


                    Anyone had any luck editing the filter bandwith for RX? 1.8,2.2, 2.8, 3.0 for SSB just isnt enough flexibility. Aware that filters can be changed via Aux SP but would like to be able to set them perminately on RX control panel. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
                    Set up is RSP1A into FTdx 5000MP.


                      Hi, I’m Timon, not yet a ham, but I love HF and electronics, and I ordered A RSP1A yesterday 😉


                        Greetings! I’m Paul, AE4KR, living near Salt Lake City, UT. I just got an RSPdx, my first SDR, and look forward to many fun experiments to come. 73!


                          hi im victor from california this is my first time trying a sdr i have a rspdx just trying to figure out the software


                            Hi, this is Mike from Waldo County, Maine, USA. I’ve had my RSP running SDRuno fed from a PAR Electronics EF-SWL Antenna for the last 4 years. Just installed a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z as an upgrade to the motherboard based soundcard in my Dell, and jeesh, I should have done that 3 years and 10 months ago! HUGE difference in sound quality.
                            Anyways, now trying to get CW Decoder and Dream to run, you’ll see me with plenty of questions in the appropriate forums.


                              Hello everyone!

                              I am Leen from the Netherlands. Thank you for adding me. My interrest is o.a ships and air communication. From SDR Play i am listing white te SDRPlayDX.The antenne configiration is D777,CX4 and a Wellbrook ALA1530LN.

                              Regards : Leen


                                Hi everyone 🙂 my name is Jason im from Margate in Kent,UK ive been into radio since cb was a big thing in the 80s
                                i am now about to take my foundation licence for amateur radio so any tips or good reference sites would be gratefully received

                                73s Jason


                                  Hi Jason – welcome to the group. Good luck on your testing for the foundation license. Not sure how that one compares to the US license structure – perhaps it is an entry-level? Anyway, over there you folks have the RSGB and we’ve got ARRL – both have web sites that are loaded with great information.

                                  I’ve got an RSPpro2 here and a few weeks ago I changed it from just being a passive part of my radio desk (very little use – mostly listening on 2M repeaters) to being a very active device. I built the “VersaTR” that was part of the December 2018 QST magazine. This switch allows one to share an antenna between a transmitter and an SDR, without blowing up the SDR! I have an Elecraft KX2 transceiver that is a nice little QRP radio but lacks any support for having a Panadapter display. So I connected it up with the RSPpro2 using that VersaTR and now can use the full band display of the SDR while using the KX2 to transmit.

                                  73, Jim / W6JHB

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