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      Hello All;

      I am a retired control systems engineer. Been a HAM since about 1955 Now AE7LM. I’m also a fairly serious astronomer. Since I end up in the remote backcountry a lot, I use HF to stay in touch with family via WINLINK. I am gaining proficiency with my  SDRduo to get proficient on digital comms.

      Best Regards;




        i’m Lee first got into scanners with <span class=”st”>Squidgygate and got a Realistic Pro-26.
        enthusiasm waned until rtl-sdr became a thing and now i have far too many SDRs and antennas in the attic.

        mostly monitor marine band with rtl_airband software.

        from Norfolk, UK.

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          Hi All

          Name is Les from North Yorkshire UK

          New to SDR , recently bought the RSPduo

          Regards  Les



            Hello Rick,

            Frank here,

            Retired electronics analogue design engineer, otherwise known as an “electron shoveller”

            I have interest in radio especially radion control for models, also for IOT, and all things techy and gadgety!

            I am not a HAM….. more of a Pizza & glass of wine guy…

            Jon gave me an SDR….   I have Oscilloscope plus various other electronics stuff and a huge supply of bits!

            I live in Bedfordshire, Willington


              Hi guys,

              John here,

              Retired IT support engineer, degree in Pure Electronics, Radio Amateur since early 1970’s – G4ACP


              I also live in Willington, Bedfordshire and know Frank (above), Jon Hudson and Steve Brightman in the US.

              I was at school together with the last 2!

              I have use of an RSP1 and a Duo but at present they’re decommissioned along with all my other radio gear.

              I really must get organised and get them setup again.

              Cheers ..




                Hi my name is John (ZetaAlpha), I live in the greater Kansas City area.


                  Hi from Northants. UK



                    Here we are again, just found the new forum. Name is Andy and I’m in Cheshire, UK. Proud owner of an original RSP-1, an RSP-2 and a Duo. Fantastic little receivers, especially at the price. Greetings to all new members.


                      Hello.. Steve from Brighton, TN, USA. I have a RSP1 and RSP2 with several RTL-SDR’s. I track ADS-B and am TRYING (did I say TRYING) to get weather images from NOAA and other satellites to download and record. I mainly use SDRUno but also have Macs and a Raspberry Pi 4. Can’t wait for drivers for RPi-4 and SDRUno to be available for my Macs.


                      Thanks for the add!


                        Hi, I’m Curt and I’m a long-time RSP user going back to the original RSP1.  Here is a link to my QRZ page if you’d like to know more and see my shack.

                        Thanks for this new resource for us to share information!

                        Steve Andrew


                          I’m Steve, living on Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia. I’ve been here 30 years, prior to that I used to live in Brighton in the UK. I’m a retired development engineer and programmer, but still dabble.




                            Bobby from IO75

                            (soon to be IO86)


                              Hi folks,

                              Jim here, from Folsom, CA. Been a ham radio op since 1964. Along with my Elecraft K3 and KX2 radios, I have an RSP2 Pro. Great little SDR. Still learning SDRuno – very complete radio, although pretty complicated. For me, anyway!


                                Hi OM / YL

                                This is Ram from Thanjavur, India (MK90ns) and now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I got my ticket in 1996 from India with a reciprocal here in Malaysia (9M2/VU3RCN). My hf setup is Yaesu FT891 with Alpha Antenna Vertical and inverted V. I listen through RSP1A for SWLing.


                                  Hallo friends,

                                  My name is Gianfranco. I live in a wine farm in Monferrato, Italy and am lucky enough to have land around to enable me to experiment with large antennas. I have been a keen contributor on the original SDR Forum and many of my technical posts on antennas and on general SDR Processor operation are still available there. I use an RSP-1A and an RSPduo.

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