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      I hope everyone is doing well…

      I’m trying to run OpenWebRX on a new, fresh installation of Ubuntu 20.04.1 with my RSP1a.

      I’ve installed SoapySDR lib 0.8.0 and SoapySDRPlay API 3.07.1.

      sdrplay.service is loaded and active and openwebrx.service is loaded and active.

      When I run “SoapySDRUtil –find” it outputs:
      Found device 0
      driver = sdrplay
      label = SDRplay Dev0 RSP1A 180703A793

      which seems correct.

      The output for “SoapySDRUtil –probe=sdrplay” is long, but it starts with:
      Probe device sdrplay
      [INFO] devIdx: 0
      [INFO] hwVer: 255

      Is the hwVer number correct?

      The output of journalctl -u sdrplay has a line that says:
      Nov 25 20:06:35 Budgie-20 sdrplay_apiService[3013]: [3013]: sdrplay_apiService: SelectDevice: ERROR: InitialiseMappingTableFromFile error -4: invalid hw version 255

      While monitoring the output of journalctl that line appears after I run the ‘SoapySDRUtil –probe=sdrplay’ command.

      Any thoughts? It seems like it’s a problem with the SoapySDRPlay API, but I’m not sure.

      Let me know…



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