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      Yesterday we enjoyed supporting the YouTuber’s Hamfest which still continues today:
      Our own webinar season continues today with a look at the new release of SDRuno with its support for plugins as well as the ability to record audio streams:

      It’s also a good opportunity to ask about other hot topics like the new Raspberry Pi SD card image updated for RSPdx and improved headless server applications.



        Thank you very much for the RPi presentation! I have a question and also a warning comment. 1) I’ve installed the headless version (v0.1) but I was wondering if I could also use v0.7 in a headless mode? 2) If you get a chance to revisit the presentation in the future, I have a lesson learned. I used raspi-config to change the default password (raspberry) before I made a change to my local keyboard setting. When I tried to ssh from another computer, I kept getting login denials! Finally I figured out that I had to change the keyboard setting first before changing the default passord.

        Brian WB8AM

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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