Frequency calibration with GPSDO?

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    I purchased a GPSDO (Leobodnar MINI Precision) and connected it to my RSP2 Pro. The GPSDO is set to 24 MHz at 16ma and all seems to be working well. If I tune the RSP2 to 24 MHz and set the mode for SAM and DSB the frequency offset indicates +.5 Hertz.

    With an antenna connected this value varies either side of zero, but with the Hi Z port terminated with a 1000 ohm resistor the value is steady at +.5 Hertz. My question is this:

    Should I use the built in frequency calibration feature to further calibrate the software to the reference 24 MHz frequency? Or should I ignore the +.5 Hertz offset shown while using the external GPSDO reference input?



    I assume you have the offset in the calibration section set to 0.

    It is not surprising that the SAM DSB indicates a +/- .5 Hz. offset. You may be down to the frequency resolution limit of the SAM algorithm.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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