Reply To: Spectrum analyser software


    Good morning Steve:
    OK — I attached a screenshot, but I think I am finally understanding the root of my problem.
    As you are aware, I am trying to measure an unknown frequency with accuracy.
    When playing around, I use calibrated frequencies for CHU and WWV to guide my Markers.
    In this particular screenshot we see that Marker A has found the sweet spot and is reading correctly.
    Marker B however is reading a bit high. It should be 1,000 Hz high.

    Although CHU and WWV are calibrated sources, Doppler can cause their frequencies to shift at my receiver.

    In my case, the interest is all about the Markers and their frequencies. I was initially thinking that your .csv dump spewed only the Marker data, but now I see (and understand) that it dumps all video buckets or all FFT bins. It sure would be nice to dump only the Marker data — either just one Marker, or all 4.

    Perhaps you have a better method up your sleeve for what I am trying to do.