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    Hi Jason – welcome to the group. Good luck on your testing for the foundation license. Not sure how that one compares to the US license structure – perhaps it is an entry-level? Anyway, over there you folks have the RSGB and we’ve got ARRL – both have web sites that are loaded with great information.

    I’ve got an RSPpro2 here and a few weeks ago I changed it from just being a passive part of my radio desk (very little use – mostly listening on 2M repeaters) to being a very active device. I built the “VersaTR” that was part of the December 2018 QST magazine. This switch allows one to share an antenna between a transmitter and an SDR, without blowing up the SDR! I have an Elecraft KX2 transceiver that is a nice little QRP radio but lacks any support for having a Panadapter display. So I connected it up with the RSPpro2 using that VersaTR and now can use the full band display of the SDR while using the KX2 to transmit.

    73, Jim / W6JHB