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      There are sellers of fake RSPs on the internet. They are selling counterfeit devices some of which appear cosmetically the same as the genuine SDRplay® devices. There is a high likelihood that these devices will not work – according to unsuspecting buyers* who have contacted us.
      These counterfeit devices attempt to make use of:
      -Stolen IP
      -Stolen software product (SDRplay proprietary API and driver software)
      In addition, the counterfeiters have no access to our rigorous production test solution and so these devices are probably untested

      People have bought fake devices in the belief that they are getting a genuine SDRplay product. They find they don’t work and then contact our HELP desk and we discover they have a counterfeit device and we are unable to help them.

      The rogue sellers often use genuine pictures and descriptions copied from genuine reseller sites or from
      For more information and tips on not getting caught out, go to:

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