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      I’m using my RSP1a w/SDRUno to measure FM deviation. Initial calibration is trivial as I have a calibrated service monitor to set the output level of SDRuno into a virtual audio cable, which then feeds the Virtual Analyzer program. I’ve done this very successfully with the Airspy products, but I have a problem with SDRuno in that the volume slider gives no indication of where it’s set, so if the volume setting is changed I have to recalibrate again with the service monitor. I also have no other place to adjust the level that feeds Virtual Analyzer so I can’t just set the SDRuno volume to maximum & use some other adjustment because there is none available.

      Is there a way to repeatably set SDRuno’s output volume to the exact same setting, & if not could I ask that some sort of level indication be added to the volume control (in SDR# & HDSDR relative volume is indicated in dB as a tooltip)?


      Bob NO6B

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