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      I’m  trying to change the gain reduction limit values from the range [20-59] to the range [0-59] using the function ​​<b>mir_sdr_RSP_SetGrLimits(</b>) in order to use gain reduction values under 20.
      Even though it returns <b>​mir_sdr_Succes</b> , when i call the function <b>mir_sdr_SetGr(</b>) or  <b>mir_sdr_RSP_SetGr() </b>aftrewards,<b> </b>they both return <b>mir_sdr_GainUpdateError</b><b> </b>and in the debug messages it says <i>mir_sdr_SetGr: ERROR: previous gain update not received (or timed out)</i><b><i>.</i>
      </b>​With both functions I have set the syncUpdate parameter to 0 and 1 however I always get the same error code and the new gain reduction value is not  taken into account.

      Here is the code for more details :
      I first check if the gain reduction value input by the user is below 20
      if it is the case I add 20 so it can be accpeted by the function mir_​sdr_StreamInit (otherwise I get the ERROR: parameter out of range(absolute gRbd=10 LNAstate=0)
      then i call ​mir_sdr_StreamInit with the corrected gain reduction value.
      i change the gr limits to the range 0-59
      i set the gain reduction value to the value requested by the user (which is below 20)
      i call ​​mir_sdr_SetGr() or mir_sdr_RSP_SetGr() .




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        You can find the source code in the attached screenshot


          Hi HTR, I have replied to your support ticket on this.

          Best regards,


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