Twin YouLoop anyone?


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      G’day all,
      Wondering if I can mount two magnetic YouLoop antennas in mirror image 90° rotated and connected with a Tee for my RSPdx?



        Loops can be fascinating things and can keep you amused for many evenings. If you have two loops at right angles and connect them in parallel (I think this is what you mean) you will lose the nulls, which will stop you being able to rotate them to null out any interference. If the loops are not rotatable, it would be better to bring them to a switch box so you can select which one to listen to.
        Or you could do what I have done, which is to combine them with phase and level controls, which effectively gives you a steerable null without physically rotating them.
        Whole lots of fun, with plenty of knobs quite capable of driving you insane!


          Hi FlamingHedgehog, adding a T will create losses and you’d be better off putting them to to separate antenna ports. That way you can switch between the two for comparison purposes. The RSPdx can only see one antenna at a time (unlike the RSPduo which can process both signals at the same time with its independent tuners).

          There are some good Facebook groups dedicated to loop antennas, if yous search for “Mag loop” or similar.

          Best regards, Jon


            Thanks Andy 🙂


              Thanks Jon.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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