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    Hi. Has anyone managed to build and install the plugin template?.
    I have built it two different ways and it builds the dll with no errors, but when I run it, it fails and debugging gets me these errors

    sdruno_plugin_host.dll!59753efb() Unknown

    [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for sdruno_plugin_host.dll] Unknown

    SDRunoPlugin_Template .dll!SDRunoPlugin_TemplateUi::LoadX() Line 46 C++

    > SDRunoPlugin_Template .dll!SDRunoPlugin_TemplateForm::Setup() Line 219 C++

    SDRunoPlugin_Template .dll!SDRunoPlugin_TemplateForm::SDRunoPlugin_TemplateForm(SDRunoPlugin_TemplateUi & parent, IUnoPluginController & controller) Line 19 C++

    SDRunoPlugin_Template .dll!SDRunoPlugin_TemplateUi::ShowUi() Line 34 C++

    I have checked out these errors and they are to do with the window positioning
    I must have missed something.

    Any Visual Studio 2017, out there that can help?

    Gary G8EOH

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