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      Hi Gerry here.
      I’ve just bought the new SDRPlay RSP1B. I have been using my end fed half wave wire with a coil and extra lead for 80m. The wire is fed into a 49/1 choke which is well grounded. The coaxial is wrapped 10 times around a plastic pipe close to the choke andd then it is fed to my shack. I have been using a FunCube Dongle Pro+ for about 8 years and never encountered a problem with it unlike the RSP1B recently.
      I had only used the RSP1B about half dozen times when it suddenly stopped working? I contacted the supplier and they asked for it’s return under warranty?
      About nearly two weeks later they telephoned me and said that at some point, there must have been a static discharge from the antenna and that in turn went back to the RSP1B and damaged it?
      I was told that I would need to put a 1mega-ohm resistor between the inner wire and the earth braid to prevent static entering the RSP1B and even my PC which would cause irreperable damage?
      I can only assume that the RSP1B doesn’t have a diode setup or similar protection to prevent this?
      If that were the case then I’m not sure where to insert the 1mega ohm resistor? Would this be at the choke end – connected to the wire and then the earth on the choke or insert the resistor just before the coaxial enters the RSP1B?
      Any help or guidance would be much appreciated as I don’t want to inadvertantly blow it again!!!

      Best Wishes Gerry.

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