Spectrum analyser won’t run on W7

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    Graham K

      I am trying to install spectrum analyser and API v3.07.2. I have a RSP1a and a W7 64 bit machine. Spec an starts and then stops with a message that includes the line System.MissingMethodException

      I have tried uninstalling the API V3.07.2, and spec an then says I haven’t installed the API, so it at least recognises that. I have tried disabling a/v s/w (Avast) to no effect. I have tried running spec an as an administrator, no effect.
      I note the spec an s/w is installed in directory Program files (x86)/Andrew Developments
      whilst the API is installed in Program Files/SDRplay
      These appear to be the default locations – are they correct?
      I have searched the c drive and have no file called CurrentSettings.ini anywhere.
      Any idea what the problem is?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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