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    What should I check, or what am I doing incorrectly, as usual ?

    Upon clicking an any of them, I can’t get any of the frequencies in the memory panel
    to register and show in the Rx Control.

    The Rx Control freq entering works fine; can use and change with the Mouse, etc.

    But I cannot select a freq in the Memory panel.

    What’s funny, is that it worked fine this morning, so i obviously have changed something
    without realizing it.

    I also clicked on the memory panel top bar to make it turn Red.
    Also, did this for the Rx Control.
    Neither had any effect.

    Suggestions, please ?



    Make sure that you have the MCTR button pressed on the top bar of the Rx Control Panel.




    Thanks, all set now.


    Is there a way to click and drag on the spectrum screen to change frequencies in a big way? Or is it necessary to go to the frequency digits and click around there? I am comparing to HDSDR and keep thinking that there must be a way to do that similar function, but maybe not.

    As an old school radio guy I find the click and drag on the spectrum equivalent to spinning the knob on an old radio. I don’t like the requirement to dial up new frequencies by entering them digitally. I want to just dial around.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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