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      SDRuno 1.40.2 has been released. This is to fix the ini file corruption issue we posted about recently, but it also introduces some new features and more plugin functionality. Release notes can be found here:

      Please note that the SDRplay plugins and community plugin installers that are included in the SDRuno installer are also available on our downloads page and will be updated when needed independently of SDRuno. If you are installing them separately, please make sure you get the right installer for the version of SDRuno you are using.

      • Hotkey to start/stop stream – P.
      • Support for loading and saving profiles (supports multiple VRXs).
      • Profile file area in the memory panel below the memory bank file area.
      • Button in the memory panel to store profiles.
      • Checkbox in the main panel settings to disable and hide the Bias-T function.
      • LO and VFO for VRX#0 now separate on start-up and when loading a profile.
      • ini file is only saved when SDRuno closes cleanly.
      • Halved the size of the memory bank file are in the memory panel to accommodate the profile file
      • Overhaul of the minimise and restore functionality (now only main panel appears in the taskbar
      when minimised).
      • Plugin Control panel look/feel now matches the rest of the SDRuno panels.
      • The default directory for community plugins is now the same as in the Community Plugins installer
      for ease of use.
      • Memory panel being flagged as modified when it is not.
      • Check for new version can sometimes get something other than the version number.
      • HDR 630m band was non-functional due to the wrong centre frequency being used.
      • If decimation had been set before the 10m band was selected, the decimation value would be
      wrong after the band was unset.
      • Cancelling wav file open window on start-up allowed SDRuno to continue to open with no input.
      • SDRuno could crash on start-up if the memory bank referenced to be open was empty.
      • Clicking on the frequency title in the memory panel to sort the frequency list could cause the
      current band to be unframed.
      • The Plugin Control panel will no longer allow the SDRuno Plugins folder to be selected when
      using the right click method as community plugins should be stored elsewhere.
      • Manual frequency entry after being band framed did not disable the notch filter.
      • Pausing a memory scan could make it impossible to un-pause.
      Known Issues
      • SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)
      • IF output mode disabled SP1 spectrum mouse clicks

      Plugin information can be found on:

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