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      SDRplay have released v1.41.1 of SDRuno – this has been primarily to apply bug fixes for v1.41. As part of these bug fixes, it has also been necessary to update the API to v3.09 and this version of the API will be rolled out across the other supported platforms.
      Please note that upgrading the API may impact operation of some third party programs that also use the API
      We recommend that you read through the release notes as there is also extra information regarding DPI support.

      You can see the full set of changes to SDRuno 1.41.1 here:

      and you can find the SDRuno download here:

      With this release, we have also now released the source code for the ADS-B plugin. For anyone wishing to further develop this code, it can be downloaded via:
      The source code for this plugin was derived from dump1090, which contains code distributed under the GPL license terms. These licensing terms effectively precludes us from distributing the plugin software ourselves as part of the SDRuno installation procedure, but an installer can be obtained via: (click on the Download button on the right)
      Links to this page can also be found via the software/downloads section of our website

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