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      Hello to the forum,
      I need help, please. I’m trying to get my RSP2 & SDRUno 1.42 to work as a panadapter for my Kenwood TS-790. I have installed the HUP RF TAP board in the TS-790 to bring out the 10.695MHz. 1st IF. That RF is fed into Ant. A port of the RSP2. I have OmniRig 2.1 installed and working correctly. I’ve verified proper rig control using WSJTx and Ham Radio Deluxe with OmniRig. I can’t seem to get SDRUno to connect with OmniRig.
      Based on what I’ve read so far, using SDRUno to lock the LO of the RSP2 to the IF of 10.695MHz.:
      I expect to see the actual operating frequency of the TS-790 in the VRX window, not the 1st IF frequency.
      I expect to be able to control the frequency, VFO selection & mode of the TS-790 via the PC
      I expect to see the spectrum sweep of all the RF from the perspective of the 10.650 MHz. IF bandpass.
      I’ve followed instructions that I’ve been able to find on the web to configure this system for this operation to little success; e.g., ORIG & RSYN settings. I’ve included a screen shot of the setup; hopefully that’ll help someone help me.


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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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