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      I am using RSP2 for Classic DX-listening activities. This means I connect the RSP2 to a 480m long wire antenna via a transformer.
      i´m recording the entire AM MW-band 530-1700kHz for about 12 hours. This creates a total recording file of about 700 Gbytes.
      I find the SDRuno recording playback function really unpractical or impossible to use for navigating in such a large recorded file.
      So far I have used the SDRConsole software with the recording playback feature “Navigator”. While using this navigator I can select any recorded hour down to five minutes accuracy. I can also convert a certain audio clip from .wav to MP3 very easily. Finally my question to the SDRuno software developers: Is it possible to develope a navigator feature similar to the SDRConsole navigator? I (and many AM radio DX-ers) would love to see the SDRuno recording playback function with a navigator function. Why do I ask? The simple reason is that if possible I would prefer to use the original software (SDRuno) for my RSP2. The SDRuno has features such as very good notch settings which beats the SDRConsole.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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