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      The covid lockdown has given me time to catch up on those little things that one never has time for. In this case, it’s getting SDRuno to operate on a stand-alone Windows XP machine. I’ve had an RSP2 for about a year, and hadn’t been able to get it to run on SDRuno on the intended XP machine at all. It works ok on HDSDR but I was actually getting better results with the RTL-SDR dongles.SDRuno would run on the company issue Win10 laptop, but that’s not really a viable solution, it was just a teaser making me want this to work on XP.

      Trying to run it on XP would only get me the error message “”Unable to communicate with the SDRPlay Service. Restart the service and start SDRuno again.”

      A search of the web indicated I wasn’t the only person with the problem, but none of the threads I found in various forums clearly defined a successful resolution, although some people swear it’ll run on XP. This post is intended to correct that deficiency.

      After opening a service ticket, I dug around to see what was actually happening. One suggestion seen on the forums was to try to restart the SDRPlay API service. Trying to start the service from Windows Services generated a different error message than the one generated from opening the SDRuno application. This one said “Could not start the SDRPlay API Service on Local Computer. Error 14001: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.” A little Google-fu revealed that a 14001 error is what Microsoft calls a “sidebyside” error which turns out to be a missing Visual C++ file.

      So, to make a long story a little less long, Microsoft Visual C++ Distributable version is required in order for SDRuno to run on an XP system . Until now, I don’t believe that specific piece of data is out there on the web to be found. At least I wasn’t able to find it. I hope this helps someone, somewhere.




        Were you ever able to get it running on your standalone Win XP computer?

        Regrettably I don’t know how to help you — I just want to run it on a standalone Win XP too.



          Hello VA3SMH,

          Yes, I was able to get it to run under Win XP. My previous post on the topic was actually a how-to, not a request for help. The answer is in the very last paragraph. You’ll need to load Microsoft Visual C++ Distributable into the XP machine in question before you attempt to load and run SDRuno.

          I suppose I could have been more clear in my first post… most of it describes my tale of woe as to how I arrived at the solution that resolved the problem. Hope this helps!


          Mel – WA6JBD

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