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      I find SDRUno to be decidedly obscure in certain aspects of its operation. One thing which if find confusing, and which no doubt contributes to the frequent questions regarding LO IF and Zero IF is that SDRUno only seems to show the LO frequency when you press Play or Stop. Then in ZIF mode it behaves more or less as I expect. There is a DC spike at the IF displayed when you press Start and it will always offset the VFO frequency slightly from the IF frequency presumably because in the digital domain trying to set the VCO to the IF is really setting the VFO to 0 frequency.
      However, if I switch from ZIF mode to LIF mode and change nothing else, when I hit Play it still displays the same LO frequency it had when in ZIF mode. This I don’t understand. I would expect in LIF mode, the LO frequency should be outside the IF passband. For example, tuning to 60-MHz, it is telling me the LO is 59989000-Hz. The DC spike does indeed disappear as expected, but the displayed LO frequency is not consistent with that happening.

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