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      Hello All,

      At this moment I’m in search for an Antenna that I can use to cover the bands, and not just HAM Bands. I plan on putting this Antenna up in my house Attic not outside. Is there any Websites, YouTube videos, anyone I can call or email or any other places where I can see these Antennas? Anyone has any suggestions? I would appreciate any information.

      Gary ac8ne

        I might suggest an amplified small magnetic loop antenna (no tuning) which depending on loop size and amplifier, will take you up to about 50 MHz. Many on ebay and even some commercial ones. Above 50 MHz not sure as I only use tuned antennas with narrow band width. Search for SWL antennas may also help.


          Hi Astro1, here at SDRplay we are planning to add antenna information to our website. As Gary says, an active mag loop can be very effective from LF all the way through HF – some cover VHF as well. There are some good Facebook groups if you search for “Magnetic loop antennas” We recommend Bonita antennas and the Cross Country Wireless active loop antennas – see which are optimised to work with SDRplay RSPs. Right now due to Covid, they are just shipping the amplifiers and DIY materials to make your own loop. For VHF and above then a simple whip antenna will be omnidirectional and pick up quite a lot (aircraft etc) – here a good quality coax becomes more important since losses tend to be greater as you go up in frequency.

          Best regards, Jon G4ABQ


            We just produced this new video which starts to address antenna inofrmation. Take a look here:

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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