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      i have an acquaintance that has a Icom 8600 reciever and he annoys me becourse in his eyes the SDRplay is what the word is saying only a toy and the Icom 8600 is the best in everything.

      i search the internet and youtube for reviews between a SDRplay and the Icom 8600 but nothing. can anyone help me with this question to put him in his place 🙂 ??


      Kind regards,  Andre


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        Hi Andre. I’ve never used an Icom 8600, but I doubt there are any major differences in performance. Maybe the RSP’s have some image problems on some frequencies due to the way the superhet front end works, but there are ways to mitigate these.

        When you weigh-up the value for money of the two (RSP Duo £239  versus Icom £2475 in the UK), it comes down to bang-per-buck.  The Icom is ten times the price, but will it receive ten times as many signals? I have a number of receivers here (including a nice Rohde & Schwarz EB150) and the RSP Duo (and the RSP2 and an original RSP1) can receive anything the R&S can, plus you get  the free SDRUno software which will give you big-screen waterfall and spectrum display.

        Also, I would never want to chuck the posh-looking Icom in the back of my car for a listening trip, but I’m quite happy to put an RSP and a laptop in!



          Goodmorning Andy,

          i know you right but is irritating and i cant find any info of reviews that the Icom is really that much better.

          and he thinks that nothing is better then the Icom 8600 neverthenless i think SDRplay is one of the beter SDR recievers.

          Kind regards.  Andre


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