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      SDRplay is pleased to announce that a preview build of SDRconnect, our new multi-platform SDR and server software is available to download from

      The first few video guides are also available here

      The current preview build of SDRconnect is just at the beginning of the development process. It contains a number of features, including:

      Multiple VRXs with basic radio controls
      Built in support for all model RSPs except the original RSP1
      Remote server with two streaming modes across both LAN and WAN (internet): a) Full IQ and b) Audio – a streaming mode which provides a very efficient way of displaying a large spectral bandwidth across a network with a limited data throughput.
      Calibrated Power meter and S-Meter
      Band framing
      HDR mode support for the RSPdx
      Support for RSPduo Single and Dual Tuner mode (two tuners) within a single instance of SDRconnect
      Manual Diversity Control for the RSPduo
      Headless server command line options
      SNR Measurement
      Support for un-docking and re-docking of panels
      Saving and reloading of settings
      Ability to allocate the Aux SP to different tuners in Dual Tuner mode for the RSPduo and for additional VRXs
      SDRconnect runs on the following architectures:

      x64, ARM64 (including Apple Silicon)

      Please NOTE. SDRconnect is a 64-bit solution and does NOT run on 32-bit operating systems.

      Supported Operating systems:

      Windows – 10, 11 and later – 64-bit only. Note SDRconnect will NOT run on anything earlier than Windows 10, so please don’t ask for Windows 8/7/XP etc. It is not possible to compile for these older operating systems with the tools used for the development of SDRconnect.

      Linux x64 – Ubuntu 20.04LTS and later.

      Linux ARM64 (aarch64) – Raspberry Pi OS (64bit) – Bullseye derived (we recommend the Raspberry Pi 4B or better)

      MacOS x64 – 10.15 (Catalina) and onwards

      MacOS ARM64 (Apple Silicon) – 13.0 (Ventura) and onwards

      SDRuno plugins will not work with SDRconnect, but we will be porting the SDRplay developed SDRuno plugins so that they will be made available for use with SDRconnect as modules. The module interface will be published so that third party developers can also port their SDRuno plugins to SDRconnect modules, but we have no control over whether they will choose to do so, so please contact the plugin developers about this.

      Regarding touch functionality, the first release will not support gesture recognition. This will come in a later release.

      SDRconnect and SDRuno are able to co-exist on the same OS

      This is the latest version of SDRconnect – released August 10th 2023

      Release notes for all versions of SDRconnect can be found here (

      Whilst this is the first preview version of the software, we believe that it is stable on all platforms. However, this is just the first step in the long term development of a brand new platform and future releases and modules will further enhance functionality.

      You can report any bugs that you find to – please note that we will read any feedback sent to us but we will only respond to you if we require further information.

      The first few video guides are also available here

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