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    It appears I have sdruno installed correctly.
    Installed SDRplay_SDRuno_Installer_1.40.2.exe
    Installed SDRplay_ExtIO_Installer_1.2.exe
    copied 2 dll into documents folder ExtIO_RTLSDR_u8.dll & rtlsdr.dll from zip file

    launched sdruno using SDRuno (EXTIO) shortcut, window pops up saying found Rafel Micro R820T tuner and opens SDRuno Main window.
    Now here are my problems…

    I cant get workspaces to save even after naming it and pressing ctrl w…. window does not open
    I cant get or find scanner window to open, I assume this is need to scan frequencies.

    even more important I don’t know how to scan for stations such as am stations or shortwave stations and settings needed to scan for said channels. A private tutorial would be great.
    I hope someone can help me it would be appreciated

    I followed youtube videos and it seems I dont have certain settings.

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