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      Hi there to all,
      I have an RSP1A and I have tried to get it to be recognised by DSDPLUS Fastlane with no success.I have put the serial number of my RSP1A into the FMPP CFG file, but still no luck. I already have 2 dongles running very well with Fastlane but I would love to try out the RSP1A with the extra bandwidth.
      I watched a Youtube video of someone running Fastlane with an RSP1A and monitoring an APCO25 trunking system, so it seems that there is a way to get it working.
      Is there anyone out there who has been successful with this and can they offer me any advice.
      I am running the latest version of SDRUNO.
      Thanking you kindly for any help that you can offer


        Hi, I’m guessing that the issue here may be that you have SDRUno running when you try to get Fastlane to recognize the RSP. The RSP must be idle when FMPP tries to pick it up. I have no problems with an RSP2duo being seen and controlled by FMPP. If SDRUno is running by accident, I get an error “Can’t open RSP device #1…”

        Hope this helps


          Hi there,
          Thanks very much for your reply.
          I do not have SDRUNO running when I start DSDPLUS Fastlane and the problem persists.
          I have no other dongles connected to the computer, only the RSP1A
          Also I have made sure that the FMPP CFG file has the correct serial number of the unit I am running.
          I am still at a loss as to why it can’t be detected.
          Is it possible i am running SDRUNO with the incorrect API Version.
          I have the latest version, 1.33 running on my computer under Windows 7
          Again, thanks heaps for taking the time to answer my post,
          Much appreciated.



            I have looked at my files, and everything is dated 11-25-19. I have added nothing to the standard download for SDRUno dated 11-25-19.

            One thing you might try is to go to your SDRUno subdirectory and start rsp_tcp.exe before you run DSDPLUS. I always have it running. If it has shut down, I can not use the RSP with MultiPSK. Maybe that is true here.

            Good luck,


              I have this running here in Scarborough Maine and am able to monitor the Portland P25 system using just the SDRPlay 1A. I am running the latest version of the DSDPlus from 12/21/2019. It has been a while since I went through and figured setting this up but if it is of any help, below are my two batch files I launch to listen and my FMPP.cfg file which I just tested and is working. I didnt get it all worked out and configured to display the actual talk codes and such, I was just trying to see if I could get it running and actually listen to transmissions. On my system, I am using a Virtual Audio Cable in this mix and have its’ recording properties play out through the speakers. I dont know/recall which (if any) of the config options below ties into the VBCable setup. Maybe it will provide some ideas. I do recall an ‘aha’ moment configuring it which and I think it might have been making sure the -o and -i options in the files pointed to the same port #. Obviously the -f option will need to be set to your control channel for the system you are monitoring.

              My ‘FMPP.bat’ file – 1 line, the -f is the primary control channel for the Portland system:
              FMPP -rc -i1 -b12.5 -o20001 -f853.7875

              My ‘DSDPlus.bat’ file – 1 line
              DSDPlus -rc -r1 -fa -e -T -E -Pwav -i20001 >>1Ra-log.txt

              My ‘fmpp.cfg’ file:
              {SDRPLay 1A Serial #} ; SDRPlay serial number list
              3 ; sampling rate (3 Msps)
              1024 ; spectrum window width
              32 ; FFT size (16k, 32k, 64k)
              10 ; spectrum update rate in Hz
              5000 -6250 7500 12500 15000 25000 100000 ; step size table; units = Hz; negate default
              . ; DSD+ path
              .\FreqList.csv ; primary frequency list CSV path\filename
              .\FreqList2.csv ; auxiliary frequency list CSV path\filename
              miles and bearing ; miles or kilometers
              99.9 ; search distance
              19.7163 -155.6241 ; search origin

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