RSPdx Bias Tee problem


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      I have an RSPdx and a Nooelec Lana LNA, which supports bias tee, and has a quoted draw of 60-80mA.

      Whenever I select bias tee in SDRuno, the power light briefly flashes on the LNA then goes out, just a really quick flash of the LED.

      Bias tee power works fine to the LNA from an RTL-SDR V3 dongle. Also the LNA works if I use external USB power.

      I feel I’m missing something, as this should be quite simple?

      I’ve tried various USB ports, a powered hub and different cables, all the same effect.

      Anyone know why this isn’t working and anything else to try? I’m of the opinion the RSPdx can supply 100mA which is more than than enough for this device?

      Click the bias tee button in main RX window of SDRuno, there isn’t a lot of other config or setup, is there?


        I am having the same issue with my RSPDX. My best guess is that the current requirements of the Lana exceed what is available on the RSPDX Bias T line. When I connect the Lana to an external 5V source, the LED lights continuously and that Lana functions very well.


          Just to follow up if anyone finds this along the line.

          I measured the draw of the Lana, it way nearer 105mA, than the quoted 60-80mA. Explains why the RSPdx blips.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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