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      This message was originally sent to support but they haven’t had time to reply so I’m hoping that someone will be able to point me in the correct direction.

      I am hoping you can point me in the correct direction with regards to SDRuno and MultiPSK.

      I seem to have followed the instruction correctly (although probably not as it’s not working.

      If open up SDRuno without MultiPSK running it opens up correctly and runs as expected.

      If I then open MultiPSK I get click on the SDRPLAY in the config screen and I get an error saying :-

      Failure of the TCP/IP connection, the SDRplay receiver is probably not connected.

      Connecting error.

      Socket Error n°10061 : Connection refused. You will usually see this error when a server refuses a connection from a client, because the server is not listening on that port.

      If I do this the other way round and open PSK without uno running it connects to the RSPdx and shows as listening, I then attempt to open Uno and it says no SDR found, start with .wav file, then I say no and it closes.

      If I attempt to restart the API then open Uno it’s fine but then PSK gives me the failure error again.

      HELP…. what am I doing wrong, apart from going round in the a rather large circle.

      Lastly, is it possible that at some point in the near future a video tutorial be added simply for installing PSK with your products, I’ve hunted and I can’t find a basic step by step guide anywhere, either video or text.

      I thank you in advance.


      G1001SWL – SWL user

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