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    I am interested in making use of the external sync input to the RSP2 to obtain a stable tuning fix, but I am wondering what I can use to supply the sync signal. There are a number of devices out there, most of which seem to have an industry standard 10MHz sync signal. However, according to the app note on the subject, the RSP2 accepts a 24MHz signal. The only device I have come across so far is the Leo Bodnar one which appears to have a programmable output signal, but this is a quite expensive option, notwithstanding that it is probably moderately priced in relative terms. I am somewhat concerned by its use of a TCXO rather than OCXO although it does seem to claim a high stability.

    I have the option on a KS24361 OCXO box with OCXO with an additional Motorola GPS module for much less than this, but am wondering in any case, whether there is a reasonably budget way to convert the industry standard 10MHz signal to 24MHz? I can’t find anything like a 2.4x frequency multiplier anywhere.



    several months ago, I made a GPSDO, the PCB designed by me, all the bom list select by me, also soldering by me, very cheap, very simple, pls check the attached diagram, what you need is a SMA to MCX cable, and a GPS antenna (active, 3V),  I write a simple operating guide for it, I just list it within Ebay (test result is quite stable, tolerance is less than +-1ppb);

    actually RSP device is very good in decode the digital RF signal, the only problem is it need a external reference signal, otherwise sometime can not decode it if your clock’s tolerance is more than 50ppb;

    the testing use the Rubidium as the reference, 100 seconds mean value, and Max-Min frequency as the P-P value.

    Paul White

    Hi, testpoint.
    I’m in UK and, if you do ship to here, the price is getting close to what I’d pay for a Bodnar Mini.
    Anyway, I already have a Trimble-type with 10 MHz out and hoped to get a 24M converter (except the prospect of jitter bothers me).
    And anyway again, my box is RSP1A so I’d be interested in a hack/mod to add an external reference.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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