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    Hi all I have a rsp1a that I am having issues with.
    The main problem is I can’t receive aircraft
    I have joined rruk and downloaded all civilian air tower and approach frequencys and when I scan the bank I get nothing I hav check that all frequency are on AM.
    I have tried gain at minimum through to maximum but still nothing.
    I have a new disccone in the attic connection is 50ohm coax 12 meters in length.
    If I connect to my old realistic pro2004 I receive without problems.
    I have reset sdr uno to factory default but still no reception
    My laptop is only a Year old and has no problem with video editing
    I must be missing something…..please help


    have you set the threshold correctly in the scanner settings


    Is there a different setting ?


    Does your RSP1a receive other frequencies on the Discone?


    Does the receiver work OK in ‘non scanning’ mode ie just tuning manually?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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