RSP1 and SDR sharp1500

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      Greetings all. Some time ago I was able to get sdr play rsp 1. I know that this model is no longer supported, but it was interesting to me because it can work with SDR sharp, at least with its older versions. SDRSharp is one of the few choices for me, as it has at least some accessibility for screen readers, programs that blind people use to work with a computer. I have installed everything I need, and the SDR sharp 1500 can see the SDR play plugin. However, when I click the play button, I get one of two errors:
      Mir_sdr_Init error code: mir_sdr_OutOfRange
      Mir_sdr_Init error code: mir_sdr_HwError
      I am quite new to the topic of SDR receivers and various programs for them, so could someone suggest what the problem may be and what can be done to solve it? Thanks in advance.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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