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      Well, I took the plunge on the RSP DUO to fight some local noise and QRM but already see that it could do much better with a few software tweaks. The first thing I didn’t like was the Diversity window placement… It’s right on top of the Large S-meter and SNR readout! The Upper right corner of SDRUNO just has a frequency display and would be a better location if it will not be moveable in the future. I also wanted to use Diversity for signal rejection, and unless I’m missing something (probably am) the AUTO feature is a signal peaking action and not reduction. I have been letting it peak on the offending signal and then turning off auto and then reversing phase but it would be great if it would have a check box to make it run in peak or Reject mode.
      I also have had the API loose contact with the DUO many times when switching from single, diversity, dual normal etc. I wondered if anyone else is having these issues?
      I think it could be a great tool but hope for future enhancements to the software… I would like to see a scalable analog looking S-meter on SDRUNO ( like the woodbox radio’s Bob’s S-meter in powersdr!) but will settle for the bargraph type (much better than the little guy in the RX contol window) but I don’t see why they would place the Diversity panel right on top of it?

      So can I move it? or do I have to keep tuning it on and off to see my S-meter?
      Hey Maybe a plugin could give us a great BIG analog looking S-Meter?


        Well, I did miss just where to put the mouse to move the Diversity panel! Got it to MOVE out of the way. Now how about reject instead of peak and I still want a better S-meter down the road.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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