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      I am new to using SDRuno. I have a Flex-6300 SDR transceiver that uses the SmartSDR software.

      When I tune to a specific frequency in a ham band with SmartSDR (e.g., 7.040 MHz in the 40 meter band), move to a different band (e.g., 20 meters), then move back to 40 meters, the software retains the zoom, frequency, and other settings that I last used. I notice that SDRuno does not do this and “reframes” the band each time I press one of the band buttons in the “RX Control” window. I have to re-tune and reset my preferred zoom setting each time I change bands.

      Does anyone know of the reason why SDRuno does not retain settings as you move between bands?

      I submitted a feature request to the SDRplay Help Desk to consider saving settings.



        Hi, yes I am very frustrated by this as well, I love my 1a, Duo and recent dx and mostly do weak signal work which requires to be zoomed in at times. I really hope the guys at SDRplay address this issue..




          It was I who started this post. I had some account registration difficulties that resulted in my name being set to “Anonymous.”

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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