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      I’m doing some noise measurements around 145.90 MHz (quietest portion of the 2M band in SoCal) to characterize the interference I’m getting from what appear to be multiple noisy LED lights in my neighborhood, & while my primary indicator is the power meter in the upper left corner it would be nice to be able to set the resolution BW to something wider than 30.52 Hz, which is the widest I can set it when the sample rate is set to 2 MHz & decimation=32 (for best dynamic range).

      As this is a feature request, is this something I would need to e-mail tech. support about?

      BTW to give you an idea of just how bad the interference is, at night when the noise floor is highest I see a power increase of 12 dB when switching from a 50 ohm load on the input of the RSP1a to the antenna, & I haven’t even calibrated out the RSP1a’s own equivalent input noise temperature! Not due to overload as I have an external 2M BPF on the RSP1a antenna input plus the settings are adjusted for max. dynamic range as indicated above.

      Also I was surprised to see that you can’t minimize SDRuno’s windows from the taskbar. Would be nice to be able to because it’s a bit more trouble to bring each window to the foreground & click on the minimize button.


      Bob NO6B


        Please send all feature requests to You will only get a reply if we have questions for you, but your email will be read by the relevant people. Please be aware that we have a huge backlog of development work and so cannot make any promises as far as implementing feature requests are concerned. Each request will be judged on its overall merit as an enhancement to the software platform.

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