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      So I’m working on a remote RX for satellites and want to locate the LNA’s and RSP Duo close to the antennas. I was hoping to run SDRUno on my laptop and the RSPDuo on a Pi, Pi connected to PC with ethernet.

      Just to try and get my head around all the available software pieces to even attempt this would consume the remaining years of my life and I’m sure this is well traveled ground.

      So, just for the “thicky twins”, it appears that SDRuno will ONLY work on Windows, connected directly to one of the computers USB ports. Is that a true statement ? PS. A yes/no answer would be great.

      So I load up the RPI IMAGES for Pi from the downloads page. Pi boots great and starts EASYplay. Looks like it supports CubicSDR, Gnu Radio and GQRX natively on the Pi. Very surprised and disappointed that SDRuno was not there.

      Undaunted, I explore the remote possibilities, but quickly come to the conclusion that SDR Console is about the only software that can operate over the network.I’m still not sure if SDRuno/EXTIO on a Windows PC with Pi running RSP_TCP server/API across the network will work on an RSPduo. A simple yes/no answer to this configuration would be good too, before I invest my few remaining years on getting it to work.

      There is no shortage of documentation, but what would really help me, and maybe others, is a few block diagrams showing how the hardware is connected and what software is needed for each. Perhaps:
      1. Basic config for RSP connected to Windows PC.
      2. Standalone Pi running CubicSDR, Gnu Radio or GQRX
      3. Networked Pi controlled by Windows/Linus PC running SDR Console (or maybe SDRuno/EXTIO, if that’s possible)

      Apologies for the rant. It’s an awesome RX and I have every admiration for those who developed the hardware and software to make it work.
      73 de AI6MK (Brian)



        very old posting and i just have the same question 1,5 years later…

        this ist REALLY disappointing!!!

        i have a great hardware (RSPDuo), powerfull software and the only thing i want is the same as brian:
        running the RSPDuo under the roof (with a RasPi, Windows, Linux….) and use SDRUno in my living room. with all capabilities of the -Duo!

        only thing a got to work: poor result with sdr-console. but this software could not use both receivers at the same time.
        read about 100 postings and messed around with this for four days.

        virtualhere is not very good and RDC absolutely no way!


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