Raspberry Pi 4 CubicSDR Rig Control Success

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    After a few days of trial and error, I succeeded in getting CubicSDR with rig control compiled and running. I took the script from both MikeD (posted in this forum) and cjcliffe from the CubicSDR github site adding fixes for the errors. Before tackling this please understand that the end result is not SDRUno. With the RPi 4 the max usable bandwidth is 2M and Cubic has to be set for high performance mode. Using an Argon One case the CPU temp got to 52 degrees C, which validates the need for a good heat sinking system. CubicSDR is pretty bare bones, but it gets a plus for being very easy to use. For ham panadapter use it is fine. If rig control is not needed, use the RPi image from SDRPlay. I am at a loss as to why they didn’t include rig control in their compilation. Note that this work was done on a clean install of “Buster”. On my todo list is to see if lowering the audio sample rate and reducing the bandwidth will reduce the cpu load. – Gary

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