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      After a few days of trial and error, I succeeded in getting CubicSDR with rig control compiled and running. I took the script from both MikeD (posted in this forum) and cjcliffe from the CubicSDR github site adding fixes for the errors. Before tackling this please understand that the end result is not SDRUno. With the RPi 4 the max usable bandwidth is 2M and Cubic has to be set for high performance mode. Using an Argon One case the CPU temp got to 52 degrees C, which validates the need for a good heat sinking system. CubicSDR is pretty bare bones, but it gets a plus for being very easy to use. For ham panadapter use it is fine. If rig control is not needed, use the RPi image from SDRPlay. I am at a loss as to why they didn’t include rig control in their compilation. Note that this work was done on a clean install of “Buster”. On my todo list is to see if lowering the audio sample rate and reducing the bandwidth will reduce the cpu load. – Gary


        I was was assisting VY2HF install CubicSDR with his RSP1 and ended up creating a script to automate the process and thought I would share it here. I started with K3OS’s rtf file found a couple of typos, changed a few things and make a script out of it. This script install Hamlib 4.0 which supports many newer rigs. All activity is under /usr/pi/src and has been tested on 3 different fresh Raspbian Buster 2020-08-20-raspios-buster-armhf-full.img.

        Download CubicSDR_install.sh using the browser on the pi to you Downloads directory
        Download the correct API driver from the SDRPlay website to the Downloads directory. This script is assuming the file is called SDRplay_RSP_API-ARM32-3.07.2.run
        Open a terminal and type
        cd ~/Downloads
        bash CubicSDR_install.sh

        The first thing it does is install the API and you will have to scroll and agree to the license. Answer yes to any questions.
        The script will now download, build and install hamlib, all the needed Soapy components and then CubicSDR. It will pause after each section and allow you to continue if no errors or break out if there is a problem.
        If you make it to the end OK just type CubicSDR in the terminal and you should be good to go.
        Any errors post them here and maybe someone will see what went wrong. Success is always nice to hear too!

        Glenn VE9GJ


          Looks like the form won’t accept the bash script.
          You can download it here
          Glenn VE9GJ

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