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      Hi, I’ve got two RSP1A’s that I’m relatively confident are not counterfeit. They were purchased from That said, I just checked the website and noticed does not appear to be listed as a distributor. Is there a way to verify the authenticity of the device? My question #2 below prompted this concern.

      My questions regarding the v3 API are:

      1. Is the API able to recognize if samples have been lost and how is that reported via libsdrplay_api?
      2. What is the significance of this error in the system log [800]: sdrplay_apiService: SelectDevice: ERROR: InitialiseMappingTableFromFile error -4: invalid hw version 255?
      3. Does the amount of data transferred via USB depend on the sampling rate requested via the API or is it constant?
      4. On the condition reset==1 in the streaming callback, what should we expect? I’ve only seen it when commencing streaming and ignore it. Are there any other situations where I should expect it?
      5. Is it possible to have the streaming callback invoked with a numSamples == 0?
      6. Is there anywhere I can get further details as to the purpose sdrplay_api_ResetFlagsT? Is this structure for use with api_Update() related to the reset parameter of the streamCallback? When is it expected someone might want to reset Gain, Rf, or Fs and what would the API reset it to?
      7. sdrplay_api_DebugEnable takes an unsigned int enable argument with a 0 or 1 value described in the documentation. There also exists an sdrplay_api_DbgLvl_t enum with more than 1 value. Am I correct assuming the argument to sdrplay_api_DebugEnable is of that enum type?


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