NXDN scrambler unscrambler


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      Does anyone know of any of the NXDN decoders that will unscramble a NXDN transmission that has the scramble flag set? This is not encryption, [I’m not trying to start that debate, this is simply part of the protocol] this is a built-in feature of the NXDN protocol that allows a bit-shift based on a 15bit scramble key. So, there are a little more than 32,000 scramble offsets. If one knows the offset does anyone know of software that will work with the SDRPlay devices to unscramble it? AOR AR-DV1 has this function. One can enter to scrambler offset code and it will produce in-the-clear audio. Again, it’s not encryption so its not restricted. It’s not much fancier than an DCS code.

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