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      Greetings All,

      After several years of playing with a cheap RTLDSR, I decided to upgrade to
      something that was a bit more polished. I settled on an DSRPLAY RSPdx. I’m
      beginning to wonder if this was a mistake…

      I do NOT own any Windows machines. I run Suse Linux. The Suse repositories provide
      a number of very nice SDR applications (GQRX/DUMP1090/etc) that worked fine with the
      RTLSDR. None of these pre-built applications appear to function with the SDRPLAY.

      The ONLY way that I have been able to utilize this SDR is by downloading and
      running the 6 scripts available on the SDRPLAY site. These scripts took about
      an hour to execute (long compilations and 4 reboots). When they completed, I
      was able to run CubicSDR only. Unfortunately, I find this program a bit cumbersome, and
      it seems to have a few annoying quirks.

      I have downloaded and compiled the latest source for GQRX (v2.11.5).
      It does not recognize the SDRPLAY.
      I have tried selecting ‘other’ as the device, with the string:
      “soapy=0,driver=sdrplay”, as suggested, but the program does not communicate
      with the device.

      I’ve also tried downloading and compiling DUMP1090 binaries, but they throw some
      cryptic C errors (I have ZERO ‘C’ coding skills).

      Can anyone suggest how I can get at LEAST GQRX & DUMP1090 working with this
      device? Or should I return this unit from whence it came and exchange it
      for a device with better Linux support?


      Richard Rosa

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