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      good morning
      sdruno 1.4 – I noticed that the sdruno main panel lacks the possibility to change the SR (mhz) and the DEC …….
      the respective boxes are not present …
      the boxes appear only by entering the main setting – changing IF-MODE …… but then changing frequency (rx control … band) the boxes disappear ……..
      Any idea ??

      thank you



        integration to the message
        ” jpg sdruno 1 ” without SR and DEC boxes

        ” ‘jpg sdruno 2’ ‘with boxes appearing in SDR UNO MAIN ….
        and then disappear as soon as you change bands …..



          Could be you have clicked on the EXTIO version of SDRUno instead of the ‘native’ one. The EXTIO one is intended for non-SDRPlay devices and will not have the full range of controls.
          Bear in mind also that when using the native SDRUNO the SR and DEC buttons disappear when in band mode, and that in LIF mode you get only the DEC button.


            thanks andy .. now I check .. even if the duty every time to have to enter if mode to change is not the best …..

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