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      In the mem panel I change/swap column positions, OK. However, when creating custom config profiles the mem panel column headers swap positions when selecting or reselecting a config profile. For example, I swap around the columns so that the first four columns are; “Frequency”, “Description”, “UTC”, “Mode”. I start up SDRuno and all is fine and dandy. Then I select one of my config profiles and all of a sudden the column headings in the mem panel change to; “Frequency”, “Mode”, “S”, “UTC”. Select another profile and they change to; “Frequency”, “UTC”, “Description”, “S”. Then select again and I get; “Frequency”, “S”, “Mode”, “Decription”. The fourth selection the headers go back to their original, correct order.

      Through all of this the first column, “Frequency”, remains constant as does the column widths. Also, the data remains in their correct columns. It is just the column header names that change and swap about. The functionality of the mem panel seems to be unhindered and searching and selection works as it should. This seems merely to be a cosmetic bug and probably would not affect those who do not use config profiles or bother those not looking for it. Even so, it is so annoying.

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