Lengthen time before Squelch cuts the audio?

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      Hi there,

      I’ve used SDRUno for some time, currently with an RSPDX. Love it.

      One thing I’ve never figured out how to configure (or whether it’s possible) is to change the squelch function so that it delays just a bit longer before cutting out.

      For example, let’s say I’m listening to air traffic controllers on shortwave USB. I can adjust the squelch threshold pretty well so that I’m not hearing white noise between transmissions. However, the squelch will blank the audio between spoken syllables, which is slightly distracting.

      Might it be possible to set the squelch to hold the audio on for a few tens of milliseconds longer before blanking again? If there’s a setting for that, I haven’t found it.




        Isn’t there the AGC for?
        I am not sure however. Would indeed that would work for AM as well, but it seems it doesn’t. Also not sure where to find the time settings for AGC.
        Am interested in this as well.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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