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      My setup: RPSduo, SDRuno V1.41, ADSB plugin, ADSB antenna and ADSB-specific LNA.

      Trying to use the ADS-B plugin for the first time and having issues. Am curious if others are having the same issues and if there are solutions.

      First, I have connected my ADSB antenna with LNA to Tuner2 in order to use its bias-t for the LNA. (Tuner1 used for monitoring VHF ATC voice). However, signal strength is degraded for both Tuners, and turning on bias-t on Tuner2 has no effect. It appears the plug-in may be automatically using Tuner1, even though switching between Tuners seems to be still enabled, with no effect. BTW, the antenna, LNA, and bias-t are all working correctly with other SDR software.

      In summary, ADSB signal strength is greatly reduced when using the plugin, compared to when not using it. Which tuner is being used is a mystery. And bias-t on Tuner2 doesn’t work.

      Second, with the ADSB plugin enabled, system resource usage increases dramatically, often pegging at 100% in Task Manager.

      Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. At this point, I’m suspecting the new ADSB plugin may not be ready for prime-time.


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