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      I only wanted two additional informations about the RSP1A who I use with pleasure for several months.

      The first : it is possible to enable the bias-t in Linux with a terminal command ? (I use python scripts without graphic interface).

      The second : I have bought a Nooelec LaNA who could be powered through bias tee (3.3V-5V), USB, or DC power. With the USB power I have a dc voltage (5v) on the output off the LNA and therefore possibly in opposite way on the Sdrplay antenna connector.
      In that situation I would like to know (before connect) if there is a risk to damage the Sdrplay (of course the bias-T will not be enable = first question).

      Thank you and have a good day.



        Hello Richard,

        The Bias-T can certainly be enabled in Linux if you write an application to do it using the API. The Bias-T is only functional whilst the RSP is streaming, so the application would need to start the RSP streaming, enable the Bias-T and keep it streaming until the Bias-T was no longer required.

        If the bias-T is not enabled – a DC voltage on the antenna port will not cause a problem.

        Best regards, Jon


          I have RSP1A on Windows and connected Nooelec LANA to it, but I can’t power it up by Bias-T. The led on LANA just blinks once and no power is provided. Could you tell me why, please?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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