Is there DVB TV software for RSPdx or plugin for DVB TV settings in SDRuno?

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      I did’t know exactly where should I post this topic but as I can see few links relating to old Forum regarding DVB software I would like to post simillar post on this one. Maybe someone will be able to help. Long story short “I would like to watch DVB-T2 TV using my RSPdx.” On old Formum there is a statement that RSP invites decoding DVB-T TV and with first version of RSP1 (not RSP1A) there was Mirics FlexTV software shipped. I know that this software is now obsolete but all RSP’s were designed with Mirics tuner. I have learned from polish internet forums that there are some filters in hardware itself that do not allow third party software to decode DVB TV as SDRuno is setting those filters when I’am using it. My question is “Can SDRplay develop plugin that would set those settings for mirics tuner build in RSPdx?” This should not be so difficult to setup plugin in SDRuno that would allow user to turn on mirics tuner and use any DVB Software (that off course will have to support windows 11). Currently I have tested few software packages for DVB T2 TV and they all recognise mirics bda filter (that is Mirics tuner) but some of them have parameter ID 0 error and all of them could’t see DVB TV signal. I have seen on youtube movie in which one person decoded tv signal by corrcting dvb software registry settings but quality of the TV was poor. I know I could buy cheap dongle to see DVB T2 but this is not solution for me as I have 3 antenna slots on my RSPdx and I want to use one from it for TV. I have already contacted with sdrplay support and they reffered me to this forum. Please advise if you can help in any way.

      Best Regards Tom

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