Is it OK to talk about the SDRUno user interface?

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      I had big trouble coming to grips with the SDRUno user interface. Is it OK for me to talk about it here? About my, personal, opinion?

      Because I do have solutions, to what I alone think are “problems”, and would like to avoid the reflexive “well, just do this” or “just memorize that” or “I like it the way it is”, because that’s not the point. I’ve already learned the software. I almost had to become expert in it just to understand what I was doing wrong.

      I don’t want to be misconstrued either that I’m attacking SDRUno or that it’s in any way inferior to any software ever written in history. But it’s the nature of people to be defensive about something they enjoy and have no trouble with. I understand that. So I wouldn’t insult your spouse or SDRUno either. SDRUno is the ONLY SDR controller software I’ve ever used, so I can only compare it to itself.

      I’m pretty sure the SDRPlay folks have UI changes under consideration all the time, especially for version 2. So I would like to talk about it, and get other’s opinions of my ideas.


      PS I’m posting this over at too.


        Of course it is, J. SDRUno gets a lot of opinions for and against, and the SDRPlay people take all comments on board. Be aware though that this board is not an official SDRPlay forum – it is run independently and the team only visit occasionally.
        SDRUno has a steep learning curve because it has so many adjustable and customisable features. Because there is so much of it, some of the bells & whistles are not directly selectable and have to be accessed via menus. The underlying reason for this (I think) is that SDRUno started life as ‘Studio One’, written by an independent enthusiast as a general SDR interface. SDRPlay bought it from him and slowly adapted and optimised it for the RSP range of receivers.
        It is still a work in progress. Whether there will be any major changes in the future I don’t know.
        If you have any bug reports or suggestions for features or improvements, you can go to the main page of the website and contact them via the provided route.


          OK, thanks!

          I posted the first part of my critique. It said it was waiting moderation, and now it has disappeared.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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