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      New forum user, thank you.
      I have WSJT-X and SDRUno installed and operating great.
      I want to connect WSJT-X to SDRUno for decoding FT8 mode signals.
      For this purpose, I’ve installed a Virtual Audio Cable (VB Cable)
      However, WSJT and SDRUno radio and audio settings are confusing.
      1. What setting in the WSJT Radio tab is used for SDRUno? There is no listing for SDRPlay
      2. What should the Audio tab for sound card VB-Audio Virtual Cable input and output settings look like?
      A link that best describes these settings would be appreciated.
      A few screen grabs of the setting tabs attached for reference.
      Ron n6paa


        Answering my own question.
        Michael, KD2KOG explains: WSJT-X Radio tab setting responds to Kenwood TS480. See YouTube Video
        “Basic setup of WSJT-X & SDRuno” “”
        WSJT-X Audio tab setting: Use VB Cable and set up CAT 1 and 2 cable.
        That’s how I see it.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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