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    Hi all,

    i really like to use a knob with SDR uno and a SDRplay DUO i seen a older video of someone that got a knob working.

    Are there more of you guy’s that use a know with your SDRplay? i really likt to get more info about this like

    – what so you use ?

    – where can i buy one

    – what is the best choice?

    Kind regard,  Andre



    I am using a Griffin Powermate (USB version) in Windows 10. It works OK but you must leave the mouse cursor on the spectrum display while you use the wheel. I only use it to Scroll Up or Scroll Down and push the knob down to Mute the volume (note that Griffin does not support it on Windows 10). You use the Powermate Manager software to set it up. I have no experience with the Bluetooth model.
    There are several DIY kits out there (usually using an Arduino).


    I forgot to mention Mike’s excellent Video on the Powermate:

    Note, for me in Windows 10 64 Pro I do have to change the properties for it to work – about 0:37 seconds in to the video.

    D. C. Alden

    Unfortunately the Griffin Powermate seems to be discontnued. Used ones can be found for around $100 on Amazon and eBay. Id like to have a wheel for tuning but can’t seem to find a reasonably priced one.


    I am using a “Microsoft Surface Dial” works well, it’s native “scroll” mode does loads of steps per rev and is great for fine tuning in amateur bands. It works backwards, you can reverse the mouse wheel in SDRUno easily though. The other mode I use is “custom key strokes” and have set it up to do up and down arrows, this is a less fine action, great for broadcast work with the tuning step set to whatever the band is, 9kHz for UK medium wave and 5kHz for SW etc..

    Years ago I had a Griffin, the Dial knocks the socks off it for feel and stability. And it’s Bluetooth.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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