How high of a bandwidth can I go?

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      Ive purchased an SDR from a different company, only to find that under SDR# (don’t know about other software), that I can’t get the bandwidth above 250K. There are stations out that I’d like to play with, that has a higher BW. Why am I limited (an SDR# thing?), and, is the SDRPlay capable of going above this limit? If so, It looks like an SDRPlay unit is in my future.


        Hello. Are you talking about a ‘span’ bandwidth or a demodulator bandwidth? With the SDRPlay range and using SDRUno software, the widest demodulated bw available is 250 kHz, which is more than wide enough for broadcast FM, and which is the widest bw you are likely to come across (except for specialised modes like TV). The maximum bw available as a span on the screen is 10 MHz.
        I wonder what this ‘other brand’ of SDR is? If it’s something like the Funcube Dongle I believe the max span is 250 kHz, so that’ll set the max demodulated bw as well.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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